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A Non-Profit cannot sustain its activities without active and enthusiastic support of Volunteers and Supporters. We acknowledge the contribution of some of them by the banner picture on this page. Thank You All. We list on this page Avasar’s Management and Volunteers Team.

   Governing Council Members – April 2018 – March 2019

  1. Anand Chaturvedi, Founder & Managing Trustee, Bangalore – anand@avasar.ngo
  2. Sriram S N, Co-Founder & Trustee, Bangalore – sriram@avasar.ngo
  3. K. Chandran, Chennai – chandran@avasar.ngo
  4. Leena Sidenur, Bangalore – leena@avasar.ngo
  5. Rangaraj Sriramulu, Bangalore – rangaraj@avasar.ngo
  6. Shrinivas Narayanan, Founder Donor, Chennai – shrinivas@avasar.ngo

    Past Governing Council Members

  1. Benoy Tharakan, Founder Donor, Chennai – benoy@avasar.ngo
  2. P. Prasad, Founder Donor, Mumbai – prasad@avasar.ngo
  3. Sudesh Bhagat, Founder Donor, Gurgaon, NCR – sudesh@avasar.ngo
  4. Shailesh Mor, Gurgaon, NCR – shailesh@avasar.ngo