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Our Strategy:

Permanently bring underprivileged girls out of cycle of poverty by ensuring that they stay in school and acquire employability skills and knowledge.

  •  Each batch we enroll remains under Avasar’s care for a minimum of 5 years (when enrolled soon after 10th Std., i.e., until they complete their Graduation as per 10+2+3 education system prevailing in India).
  • We have our first batch of 7 girls enrolled since June 2013. Every year a batch of 7 will be added until we reach 5 years–by that time the first batch will begin graduating.

Before opening up centres in Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai—where most of our donors come from—our Governing Council will review our progress made and evaluate maturity at the Bangalore centre.

Our Vision, Mission, and Goals are an acknowledgement of our strategy spelled out above.

 Our Vision

 No young women will discontinue education due to economic hardship.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent talented & meritorious girls from discontinuing their education due to economic hardship by providing them with scholarship support that equips them with the necessary skills, experience, and guidance needed to pursue their academic and career goals, and eventually lead an improved quality of life.

Our Goal

To provide opportunities to talented & meritorious underprivileged girls through scholarships, education counselling, coaching, training and mentoring programs—all of which support their overall personality development, thereby preparing them for quick gainful employment and workplace success.