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​​​Opportunity Foundation Trust was registered on November 2, 2012 as a Public Charitable Trust No: BK IV – 129 / 2012 at Bangalore, Karnataka.  Registered with the Income Tax Department under Sec. 12AA vide ref number at DIT(E)BLR/12AA/E-370/17(M)/AAATO3610N/ITO(E)-2/2013-14.

Registered with the Income Tax Department under Sec. 80 G (5)(vi) vide ref number at DIT(E)BLR/80G/E-370/17(M)/AAATO3610N/ITO(E)-2/2013-14.  The Trust is founded by  Anand Chaturvedi & Sriram S N, both based at Bangalore. A 5 member Governing Council is responsible for effective functioning of the Trust.

Governing Council Members

  1. Anand Chaturvedi, Founder & Managing Trustee, Bangalore – anand@avasar.ngo
  2. Sriram S N, Co-Founder & Trustee, Bangalore – sriram@avasar.ngo
  3. Benoy Tharakan, Founder Donor, Chennai – benoy@avasar.ngo Upto 15.6.2015
  4. P. Prasad, Founder Donor, Mumbai – prasad@avasar.ngo
  5. Sudesh Bhagat, Founder Donor, Gurgaon, NCR – sudesh@avasar.ngo  From November 2012 to February 2015
  6. Shrinivas Narayanan, Founder Donor, Chennai – shrinivas@avasar.ngo

Avasar Founders

  • National Capital Region
    • ​Shailesh Mor
    • Sudesh Bhagat
    • Rajesh Thoppil
  • Mumbai
    • P. Prasad
    • Neil Asif Rub
    • Ashish Shakadwipee
  • Chennai
    • Samuel G Abraham
    • Benoy Tharakan
    • Vivek K. Kumar
    • Shrinivas Narayanan
  • Bangalore
    • Sriram SN
    • Anand Chaturvedi

We are pleased to introduce you to some of the young grant recipients, who are on their way to achieving their dreams. Click below link.


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