Digital Literacy

Driving Digital Literacy is a program supported by Corporate CSR Funding. Under this program, Avasar has established state of the art Computer Labs in Government and some aided schools. Digital literacy in India is essential for any school-going child, especially in this competitive society. Therefore, Avasar doesn’t stop at building and instituting the labs, they also employ teachers to teach the course following the CBSE curriculum. 6 Teachers currently work at different schools who are on the payroll of Avasar.

The age of technology is in full swing, and it is constantly revolutionizing every industry across the world. Without a doubt, education is one sector in which the introduction of computers can have a major impact. In fact, research has proven that students’ learning experience vastly improves when they have access to the latest education technology.

Each Computer lab created includes a 15 to 20 seater facility supported with 4 to 5 KVA UPS. Furniture, fixtures and site preparation are all part of this project. Each Lab costs about Rs. 7-8 lacs to instate. In 2016, 11 labs were set up and given to the recipient institutions. At 6 schools, Avasar has also deployed a full-time teacher to impart basic computer education to higher primary Students. 6 labs were set up in Bangalore at a total cost of 44 lakhs, 2 labs in Pune at 7 lakhs and 1 lab each in Chennai, Hyderabad, and Chintamani.

Science Literacy

To drive science literacy and to create an enquiring mind, Avasar has donated Science Labs Kits to 10 Different Schools in Bangalore. These Labs are Micro Labs,
designed and developed by NCERT. It aims at aiding teaching of Physics, Chemistry and Biology by means of experiments, Visual Aids etc, these labs cost about Rs. 1.6 Lacs.